December 07, 2021

Get Your Cocoa Here!

Commitment is a big deal for us. At Friends, we make a commitment of 12+ years to the youth & families we serve.

This giving season we're highlighting opportunities for other stakeholders to join in our battle against cyclical disadvantage in our community. One of the best ways to support our work is through monthly giving (even when the gift is small) because this allows us to better understand how many youth/families we can sustainably serve in our community better than one-time gifts.

Our annual campaign features one of our youth offering cups of cocoa to folks interested in investing in a more equitable future. This year, we have the added bonus of the Quest Foundation offering matching gifts to reoccurring gifts to Friends -Lane County - a great way to expand your investment. If you're really passionate, you can even pick up one of her special cups for $12,000 ($1,000/month).

Please check out the campaign video by CLICKING HERE.

One cup of our Cocoa will help you feel fulfilled all year long.