Why Reoccurring Donations?

Commitment is a big deal for us. At Friends, we make a commitment of 12+ years to the youth & families we serve. Monthly gifts (even when they’re small) allow us to better understand how many youth/families we can sustainably serve in our community better than one-time gifts.

We also know that creating a more just and equitable future is something we’ll probably be working on for a while. Providing a reoccurring gift to support our most vulnerable youth is one way you can be a part of that journey.

One cup of our Cocoa will help you feel fulfilled all year long.

$1000 a month (Your $12,000 cup o' Cocoa!)

We greatly appreciate anyone who believes in investing in youth, long-term outcomes and cocoa. We will gladly accept your help in ending cycles of disadvantage in whatever form is most comfortable to you.

One Time Donation

Friends of the Children - Lane County helps vulnerable youth and families dismantle cycles of poverty and disadvantage by providing long-term professional mentors 12+ years. No Matter What.

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