Abi Hernandez

Family Engagement Specialist - Professional Mentor

Abi Hernandez joined Friends-Lane County in March of 2022. Abi has worked as a youth development professional both while continuing her education and after graduation from Chapman University. Abi has worked at Loch Leven camp in California and, most recently spend two years in Japan working at a unique school that holds a 9-month training program for rural leaders from the most poverty-stricken areas of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. As a second generation Guatemalan-Mexican-American Abi brings a keen understanding of the challenges around blending cultures, succeeding through adversity and the tremendous value of supportive adults in children’s lives. Abi is eager to integrate the combination of her background, being a positive influence on children and understanding the impact of one person on entire communities to her new role as a Friend. When not at work Abi enjoys hiking, dancing, watching movies, and exploring her new home city of Eugene.

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