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Ways to Give

2021 Book Drive

Donate a Piece of Your Childhood

We want to make sure all youth and families have access to a few special books. If you have a favorite book that you'd like shared with one of our kids, please consider a donation to our Book Drive. You can select one of your favorite books below, choose from our longer list online or send us your favorite childhood title(s).

Whether you’re in a position to purchase a book at this time or not, you can show your support for our kiddos by writing a short inspirational message and emailing it to: hmoats@friendslanecountyor.org. Heather will take those messages and inscribe them into the inside covers of the books our kiddos receive to help them understand there is a whole community of people pulling for their success.

To find a list of our books we're hoping to receive, please see our Book Donation Request List. Please feel free to select your favorite children's books too to send to us. If you would prefer to donate money and have us choose books, please feel free to donate to the Book Drive through our main Donation Page.